Your Goals Should Scare You

March 9, 2020

Your Goals Should Scare

Achieve your goals every time without fail!


Setting and achieving your goals is a lifetime commitment. You never want to stop growing and achieving, because, if you’re not growing, you’re just standing still and deteriorating.


There’s no joy in standing still and there’s definitely no joy in deteriorating. The joy you seek is in your daily personal growth and development. Seek out new experiences and have fun in the process.


What would be fun and daunting at the same time?

Make a commitment to achieve something that’s exciting to you. It could be anything. What would like to do, be, or have? What are things that would make you happy?


When you make a commitment to achieve something that you might think is out of your norm, it’s going to make you feel uncomfortable. You get this uncomfortable feeling because you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. You’re entering unfamiliar territory.


Although a goal you set might scare you, you still have to believe it. It has to be realistic for you. Does your goal excite you or does your goal seem too much of a fantasy? You have to be able to believe in yourself and what you can do.


Creating an image in your mind

When you set a goal that you believe you can achieve, picture yourself already having achieved that goal. What does it look like? What are you doing? How does it feel?


Visualization is a major key to achieving something you desire. The picture in your brain puts you in the right mind frame to be able to see a path to the final outcome.


What do you do next?

Once you have set your goal, you fully believe in yourself, and you can see the result in your mind, take the next step in front of you. What’s the next logical thing you could do that moves you closer to your desired outcome? Who could you enlist for help in achieving the goal you’re after?


We often think to ourselves, how can I achieve this goal? I can’t possibly do all these things that are required for me to get from here to there… And, oftentimes, the answer lies in who can I ask to help me achieve what I’m after?


The question of how can be answered by the right who

If you want to lose weight or get stronger, enlist the help of a trainer or nutritionist. If you want to build an online side business for yourself for some extra income, enlist the help of a web developer. If you want to reduce stress in your life, enlist the help of a yoga teacher. If you want to learn to swim, enlist the help of a swimming instructor.


Whatever you desire and whatever outcome excites you the most, there are people out there who can guide you in a way that can accelerate your learning curve and reduce the time and effort required to get to your goal. You don’t have to be an expert in everything all on your own. Leverage the knowledge of others for better and faster results.


Write it down

You don’t have to put things to your walls or write things on your mirror. It’s not a bad idea but the point is to commit your thoughts and ideas to paper. Make it real. Putting up reminders for motivation on your fridge, in your room, or in your office can help you too. The more you expose yourself to your goal and remind yourself of your desires, the better you stay on track.


After you commit your goals to paper, continue writing on occasion. It doesn’t have to be everyday but consistently document your progress. The writing of your progress helps you clarify things in your mind and helps with further next steps.


This is only the beginning

The process of goal setting and achieving has to start somewhere. It starts small. We can only set goals that are believable to us. It’s the constant goal setting and working towards the desired outcome that develops your achievement muscle. By developing new and greater capabilities, you will gain the confidence to then set even bigger goals for yourself. It’s a perpetual cycle and you have everything to gain from it.


Stay excited and a little nervous. You’ll stay motivated and be able to achieve anything you desire. It’s in you to be great.


Contributed by:

Robbie Bagry


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