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?  Rebuild intestinal mucosal lining
?  Replenish healthy microbiome
?  Rebalance pH (acid-base) levels
?  Regenerate gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) & Peyer’s patches

Practitioners use for: Inflammatory bowel disease (Chron’s and colitis), IBS, GI symptoms and digestive disorders, heartburn and gastritis, dysbiosis and candida, allergies, skin and respiratory conditions, leaky gut, inflammation, fatigue and immune conditions.

The Intestinal Kit provides the foundation for achieving optimal intestinal health. The Intestinal Kit program is adapted from the Swiss Biological Medicine approach of natural healing used by Dr. Thomas Rau, MD and the team at Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. This world-leading natural medicine centre has achieved remarkable results addressing difficult chronic disease, and their programs always start with regeneration and restoration of a healthy intestinal system.

The Intestinal Kit contains natural preparations for a 6 week/2 phase program designed to restore intestinal health and support regulation of the body’s internal environment.

Healing the gut is important in cases of gastrointestinal symptoms, leaky gut, dysbiosis and candidiasis, allergies, immune conditions, chronic infections, inflammation, fatigue, respiratory conditions, sinusitis, skin conditions, metabolic disorders, malignancy, and joint disorders. This Intestinal Kit approach leads to a healthy digestive tract with balanced intestinal flora, proper digestion, a strong immune system, and recovery from chronic disease and illness.

Pleo Alkala – correction of acid-base (pH) balance, improve digestion, support beneficial intestinal flora, decrease inflammation and allergic reactions, resolve heartburn/indigestion, and supportive therapy in chronic degenerative conditions
Pleo Sanuvis – stimulates mitochondrial respiration, reduce lactic acid buildup and inflammation
Pleo Citro – supports and increases energy production (cellular metabolism), corrects acid-base imbalance
Pleo Pef – controls and eliminates candida, yeast and fungal overgrowth
Pleo Rebasan – Peyer’s patch extract (vital in all intestinal rebuilding protocols), stimulates intestinal immune cell production
NAG capsules – repairs and rebuilds intestinal mucous membrane lining.
“The root of every illness lies in the gut.” ~ Dr. Thomas Rau, MD


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