10 ways to turbocharge your brain

January 17, 2020

The human brain.

One of the most powerful yet mysterious things we know (or don’t know) of.

Weighing around 3 pounds and made up of about 60% fat, your brain contains roughly 100,000 miles of blood vessels along with 100 BILLION neurons!

Consciously and subconsciously, your brain takes care of you: Breathing, thinking, sleep, voluntary movement, coordination, balance, problem solving, judgement, motor function, sensation, handwriting, body position, memory, hearing and our visual system… these are only some of the many functions involving your brain.

Self care is a key to success. How do you take care of something so precious?

Below are 10 ways to turbocharge your brain. 

  1. Always eat healthy
    You are what you eat… it couldn’t be more true. Certain foods will improve our memory, focus, and energy. Other foods will make us tired, lethargic, and blah! It is very important to be aware of what goes into your body.
  1. Eliminate your negative thoughts
    Thoughts become things. What you tell yourself will manifest in the real world. Don’t tell yourself what you don’t want or can’t have. It weighs your brain down. Think in terms of what you want to do, be, or have. Always be positive. The actions you take and the results those actions produce will also be positive.
  2. Get plenty of physical exercise
    People who engage in regular physical activity are known to do better on cognitive tests, mental sharpness, and memory recall. Our brains have evolved through movement. Remember that anything good for your heart is also good for your head.
  3. Take natural brain enhancing supplements
    Through science, we know there are multiple natural ingredients that have very positive effects on your brain. You can take supplements such as Omega-3Lions Mane, or the very popular Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil which naturally contains brain enhancing effects.
  4. Keep a positive peer group
    Who are you spending your precious time with? Are you around people who encourage, educate, and challenge, bringing you to another level, or are you around people who are negative, rude, pessimistic and suck the energy right out of you?
  5. Keep your environment clean
    Your outside is a reflection of your inside. Think about when you clean your room, your desk, or your closet. You instantly feel better when you tidy up. You get clarity and peace of mind. You allow the energy to flow by removing the messy blocks.
  6. Be certain to get enough sleep
    When you don’t sleep, you can’t think, you don’t have clarity, and you can’t focus. Your memory gets shot. You can’t remember anything. You make a lot of mistakes and you get injured. You’re not up to the task of doing an adequate job. Go to bed on time and wake up on time.
  7. Brain protection
    Brain injuries can lead to bouts of violence, depression and even suicide. Your brain is resilient but it’s also very fragile. When playing sports, extreme sports, biking, working, or whatever, protect your head and wear a helmet.
  8. Always be learning something new
    Just like what they say about your muscles… use it or lose it! Learning is a workout for your brain. Life long learning is a major factor in maintaining a healthy brain. Learn a new language, start an online business, read books, have deep discussions, learn to paint, learn to sing… the options are endless. Make it fun!
  9. Learn to manage your stress
    Emotional stress, relationship stress, environmental stress, toxic stress, social media stress… whatever your stress… its bad! Being stressed raises your body’s cortisol levels which puts you in fight or flight mode. Learn to cope with stress through meditation, controlled breathing, or just sitting in silence. Controlling your stress is a key to top performance.

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