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If you’re looking for a natural and clean fuel for your body, turn to vegan protein. When it’s combined with the micronized Chaga mushrooms in PURICA Power, it’s the ultimate in protein powders.

A blend of the finest vegan protein and the anti-oxidant powerhouse that is pure Chaga mushrooms, PURICA Power features fermented pea, organic sprouted brown rice and ProHydrolase® enzyme blend. There’s nothing quite like it.

Unlike most protein powders, PURICA Power Vegan Protein tastes great with water and mixes easily. Take your smoothies and shakes to the next level with PURICA Power or enjoy it with yogurt, fruit juices, almond milk, rice milk…or even just pure water.

The powerful difference provided by PURICA Chaga mushrooms and the natural enzyme blend ProHydrolase® that enhances absorption and digestion are just two of the key signature elements that make PURICA Power so unique.


  • Multi-tasking: Rebuilds muscle and tissues while delivering the powerful anti-oxidants, immunomodulators and adaptogens found in pure PURICA Chaga mushrooms;

  • More protein per serving: Guaranteed to contain 80% or more Protein on an ‘As Is’ basis or 88% on a ‘Dry’ basis (most other forms of Pea Protein are 80% on a ‘Dry’ basis, equivalent to approximately 72% on an ‘As Is’ basis);

  • Digestibility: High protein digestibility, especially when compared to other pea proteins (as measured by industry-leading PDCAAS – Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score);

  • Works fast: The natural enzyme blend ProHydrolase® works fast – in well under an hour — to break down proteins and amino acids to easily-digestible size and bio-usable form. In PURICA Power, it breaks down Pea Protein so that it is small enough to enable the amino acids to pass through the blood barrier in the small intestine, resulting in enhanced bioavailability. Thanks to ProHydrolase®, your body absorbs more protein rather than excreting it, thereby dramatically increasing and enhancing the efficacy of PURICA Power vegan protein;

  • Reduced inflammation: Research shows ProHydrolase® results in reduced serum inflammation (an important factor because protein intake typically increases markers of serum inflammation – when Prohdyrolase® is added, the reverse appears to occur);

  • Effective muscle-rebuilding properties: Reducing inflammation helps you rebuild muscle more effectively: ProHydrolase® works to reduce blood C-Reactive Protein, a marker of inflammation (clinically proven to do so in human trials);

  • Great flavour profile: Tastes good with water and mixes well (making it so easy to use in so many different ways);

  • Reduced digestive side effects: The ingredients of PURICA Power vegan protein combine to reduce and minimize gas and bloating, which is often an issue when taking protein supplementation;

  • Gluten-free and highest standards of protecting against gluten contamination: Extra precautions are taken in shipping to ensure there is no Gluten contamination (Peas are blown into totes, which are then sealed and packed into food grade containers. Others typically blow peas into containers, which — because they are not sterilized between foods shipped — raises the risk of gluten contamination. We ensure there is no gluten contamination). Our facility is among the very few in North America consistently achieving a world-recognized BRC Audit grade of A (awarded on the strength of phenomenal standard operating procedures).

  • Vegetable, vegan and Non-GMO: As with all PURICA products – 100% vegan — you need not worry about the use of genetically-modified ingredients. All fats are plant-based (no saturated fats & no trans fats). Free of preservatives, colours & artificial flavours.


One 30-gram scoop of PURICA Power is mixed with 1 cup (250 ml) of water (or the smoothie, shake, almond or rice milk or yogurt dish of your choice).

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