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Quickly alleviates inflammation and relieves joint pain. Enhances detoxification, promotes skin health, balances cholesterol, regulates blood sugar and helps prevent blood clots. Also boosts brain function

PURICA Curcumin is Extra Strength. It works to provide Rapid Relief and Optimal Performance on the strength of 30% bisdemethoxycurcumin (BDMC), compared to the 1% BDMC found in regular curcumin extract. That’s a 30-to-1 ratio designed to make a difference for you!


  • BDMC improves curcumin stability, bioavailability and prolonged survival in blood.

  • BDMC inhibits NF-kB and MSK1 to combat inflammation from two targets. Regular curcumin only inhibits NF-kB.

  • Our BDMC offers 565,000 ORAC units per gram. Regular curcumin has an ORAC of just 9,500 units.

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